Big Duke

Linus are a three piece power rock trio, thst, whilst talented, suffer the limitations of being a three piece power rock trio.

They desperately need to add a fourth dimension to round their sound out , both instrumentally and vocally.

A rhythm guitarist who can carry a tune, and who could maybe add periodic keys, sax or harmonica solos would do wonders for Linus.

Kelowna has half a dozen all male rock bands, who rotate through the half dozen venues all doing the same thing.

Of the lot, Linus is probably the best but they need to up their game if they are going to be small town heroes playing every weekend doing the same thing. Over exposure without change is the deadly sin.

What is with small town bands who never use female players? When are they going to figure out half the room is, or better be, full of woman? If they don’t attract woman, they aren’t going to keep the till ringing!

Oh well. Boys will be boys